Monday 18 January 2010


Right, ok, this year could be big.
Last year was big, but also confusing.
- We were living in a new town
- we both got sick
- lots of money didn't arrive
- BUT, we finally got a book out

When I write "we", I mean my partner and I because, let's face it, although I wrote the book, on my own, in the privacy of my head and pages, without her it might have taken another five years.
Or never.

What's on for this year?
I have an agent in the east - Nexus Arts - and already there are some Victorian sessions lined up.
I will continue to make a living from my other work, my corporate speaking engagements, but "Boy" will also feature large.
Especially if I crack an invite to a couple of big festivals.

Oh, the new edition looks great and all the errors are corrected.

May you, and all who write with you, have a fabulous and slightly cooler 2010.

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