Sunday, 4 October 2009


This week a printer will start the presses on a vibrant new edition of "Boy on a Wire".
It will look much the same as the previous edition, but all the minor errors will be corrected and a small collection of the most perceptive of the reviews will be included in the front cover, or the back cover, or under cover.
If you already own a copy, great, well done. If not, this is the one to send to friends who have never heard of me and need some reasurance.
That's what reviews give, reassurance. They suggest the author knows what he or she is doing.
A re-print was all the reassurance I needed.
It was never going to be good enough to knock out a book and have it sit in a warehouse for the next ten years.
But the pace of the early sales did stun me, knocked me about a bit, then put a rocket under my confidence.
This will be the first re-print.
My work has only just begun.

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