Monday, 25 May 2009


"Boy on a Wire" is still being reviewed and consistently well.
People are seeing the book all over the place and walking in on friends who are offering it to them as "a good book to read".
What does all this mean to me?
It has meant me coming to terms with the realisation I have written a better book than I thought I had written.
All right, of course, I did my very best: I slogged, I slaved, I shed tears, I sat up late and got up early.
All that is a given, but it does still not mean I have written a good book. It means I did my best. I tried my hardest. But not that I have the extra bit, the clever bit, the smart bit.
There are still others out there who are on their fourth, their fifth, their twenty fifth, most better than my first. I don't have enough time to match them.
All I have time left to do is the best I can in the time left.
Wish me luck.


Katya Eileen Shevtsov said...

I noticed Boy On A Wire in a prominent position near the counter of a fabulous bookshop in Glebe, Sydney. This shop has won awards for the best bookshop in NSW and was full of fabulous stuff! :o)

Scot of the Antipodes said...

Good luck, Mr Doust. May your nads never be twanged by that wire you perilously walk. You write good books and I should know, I've read one or two. More power to you, my friend.