Friday, 16 January 2009


It looks like a book.
It feels like a book.
I'm pretty sure it is a book.
The copy the writer, this blogger, is holding is what they call an "advanced copy".
It is the copy the printer prints off and sends to the publisher to make sure all is well and that he or she can go ahead and print the next million.
We think it is ready.
We have alerted the printer.
The million are under way.
Get your pre-publication orders in now.
No don't, it will irritate the publisher and booksellers.
Because they don't have books yet and the launch is not until April.
If you like, I'll read you excerpts.

1 comment:

Mark Roy said...

They say everybody has a book in them. This is especially true of people who eat books.

Congratulations, I'm looking forward to seeing this next time I wander around Dymocks lamenting the lack of bestsellers written by people I know.