Saturday, 22 November 2008

Boy on a Wire

It's a book. Written by Jon Doust. He writes stuff.
Boy on a Wire will be out in late March next year, published by Fremantle Press.

Here's an excerpt:

We all go to bed as usual, but when we wake up next
morning he isn’t there, not in his bed, not in the toilets, the
showers, not in the line-up before breakfast. Where is he?
Disappeared. Gone. Abducted by communists who came out
from under his bed in the middle of the night? Breakfast
assembly is run the same as the evening line up: Call to order.
Attention! Stand at ease! Then the housemaster talks at us. Oh,
there is one major difference. At breakfast line-up the duty
prefect calls the roll. Then we march into breakfast. But Jonesy
doesn’t answer his name.

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